Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lil' Bit Country

Hey Ever’body,

Time for my first, real post. The first one was a test of the not –so-emergency BLOGcast system, beeeeeeeeeeeeep………. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep………… Some of you know me as Heather Cherry's Mom, others as Rhonda or RJ, and one sweet little angel (my first grandchild) who will be born in July, will forever know me as Nan-Nan. So to those of you who just walked in the door, welcome to Nan-Nan’s Place. Come on in and set a spell. Please take a moment and read my profile, just so you can get to know me just a smidgen. Like my Home Page proclaims, I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit cowgirl, and whole lot Southern. So today's post is all about being a little bit country y’all (pronounced “yawwwl”).
I wasn't raised in the city. Dorothy wasn't the only one born in Kansas, then I moved to Alabama when I was 3 and grew up in a rural country town called Albertville (pronounced "Arr-vull", yeah really). This was a place where we liked simple things like swap meets, church dinners and homemade toys. We always had a tree swing. A simple tree swing, one rope suspended from a high tree branch, with a round piece of wood for the seat, and the rope went through a hole in the middle and was knotted out the bottom. The object was to sit astride the seat and someone would give you a good push and you would swing and twirl for a good long while. That is unless I was the swinger and my sister, (5 years older) was the pusher, then I would go careening into the big ol' oak tree trunk about 100 miles an hour. I can STILL hear that one-of-a-kind sound. Now that was FUN!!! But not as much fun as huntin' crawdads and tadpoles, target shooting with my dad or making clover flower necklaces in summer.
Being a little bit country means you value family and friends. It means you can cook so dadgum good, your stove will stand up and dance. It means you don't call anyone after 9 PM, because that's just not done. It means just seeing a service man or woman will choke you up because someone served for your freedom. It means sitting in the porch swing is the best thing for high blood pressure. It means saying things like "For cryin' out loud!" and "Now how 'bout that?!" It means being kind to others, even when you don't feel like it. And it means laughing, with abandon, with every ounce of your self, because there is no other personal emotion that is so rewarding, other than love. But love can be yours whether you are country or not. Thanks for stoppin' by. See you tomorrow on Mute Monday. And the next time after that for "A Little Bit Cowgirl"....Now how 'bout that?!


  1. Yea!!!!! Awesome post, Mommy. Beautiful.

  2. You paint a lovely picture of country life...I can see,smell, and hear it almost. I spent a little time in Aniston, Ala. and my mom is from Missouri and Ive spent time there, so I kind of know what you are talking about. Im a desert rat myself now...a totally different kind of "country".

  3. hiya! Glad to see you have a blog! Most excellent.


  4. Hi Heather's Mom! Welcome to blogworld!

  5. Well, little sis, you are quite a picturesque writer and blogger. Some day I will catch up to all this technology, but I am still learning to email! I love you and I loved reading some things I didn't even know about you!

  6. O+O: I have been to Aniston! My dog loves your dog....Wow, small world, huh?!

    Julia: I love your blog and all the crapfts!!! Oh, lord, I laughed myself wheezy with the femaile "pillow" and checkbook cover. Yeah, Friend, you got it going on with that site. Thanks for ALWAYS brightening my day!

    Hi Pam: Thanks for the warm welcome, keep comin' back, ok?

    Hey Sis:
    Glad you checked it out. Remeber all those times on that swing?! I sure do!! Ahahahahaha! More to come in a day or so..... Love you!