Monday, July 13, 2009

Nan-Nan's my name!!!! Here is WHY!!!!!

CHECK HER OUT EVERYBODY!!!!! Isn't she beautiful?!?!!? This is Piper Ann, my first grandbaby from my wonderful son Jacob and my precious daughter-in-love Christy. Piper weighed in at 8 lbs even and was 21 and 3/4 inches long. Took her sweet time getting here, 26 hours and 40 minutes of NATURAL CHILDBIRTH. That's right! N-A-T-U-R-A-L childbirth. Piper's mommy could easily be a Navy Seal, Green Beret, Delta Force AND Rambo all rolled into one, because she is a WARRIOR!!! She is a gorgeous soft-spoken little blonde, but she is tough and has more strength than ANYONE I have ever known. She continually inspires me to be a better person and she is such a wonderful mother already. Jacob does not have to look very far to see just how much God loves him. And you know what? Neither do I. Now how 'bout that?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

OOPS!!!! Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!

Disclaimer!!! Disclaimer!!! To All Ye Who Read The Postings Herein!!!

A thousand pardons!!!! I am so sorry.................................

Ok, so I just was talkin' to Heather Cherry as we often do throughout the workday here in OKC. And I was remarking on her last post today. As we were talking, I was writing a comment on her blog and our conversation went something like this....

Me: I am SO glad you don't have one of those STOOOOOPID word verification thingies on your blog. Lord, those irritate me!

Heather: *** *** **** MOM!!! Ya big doof!

Me: What?!

Heather: Are ya kiddin' me?!


HEATHER: YOU've got one on YOURS!

Me: *** *** *** wha-??? **** are you KIDDING ME????

Heather: Yeah, ahahaha, that's what was so funny about your open letter the other da-

Me: no, no, NOOOOOO! I didn't know! I HATE THOSE THINGS!!! I don't want all both people who read my blog to be subjected to that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the inhumanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alas and alack!

Heather: Mom. Calm down. No biggie. Just go to your Settings and take it off.

Me: um-kay.

So dear sweet precious readers, those of you who are followers and you drive-bys too (FYI-it doesn't hurt to be a folllower, I promise!) ignorance is no excuse for the law. Guilty as charged! I had no idea about the dreaded "word verificay", because it did not ever come up on my screen, but now, thanks to my savvy daughter, it will no longer come up on yours! I feel like I just walked out of the LADIES room with my skirt tucked in my panty hose, AND tissue stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and nobody even told me about the spinach in my teeth. I guess y'all didn't want to embarrass me, huh? Well now, I 'ppreciate it! So IF you care to comment today, no more annoying obstacles to get in your way!

Looks like it was me who had the idgit gene today. Now how 'bout that?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old and Outta Shape

So, I've lost some weight in the last 6 months, and still losing....I guess when I get a hole in my sock and fall out, I might think that's enough. I have come to realize (like most adults who reach that ever-so-difficult-to-admit age of f--fff---ffff-ffifty), that exercise is the key to keeping "Addie Pose and her annoying little dimply children" at bay. Where in Helsinki does that cellulite come from anyway? I KNOW there a Cellulite Fairy somehwere!! I bet she is a fat, ugly, thing with stanky garlic breath and a deep-fried turkey leg for a magic wand.....I'd like bust her chops just once with that greasy gobbler's hock...Grrrrrr....thanks to her it's like I sat on a bunch of hard bubble wrap one day and none of it popped- it just left a forever impression on my....nevermind.

So....exercise..... I decided it might be good for me and Big Sugar to burn a few calories if we were to do the 10-mile bike ride around the beautiful lake 3 blocks from our home in Oklahoma City. Nice sunny day, a bit breezy (in Oklahoma that is code for winds of about 20-25 mph) and off we go, Steve in his cool ball cap and me in my silly-looking-but-gotta-wear-it bike helmet, being a nurse with ortho/neuro background and all. It was going to be great, right?

Hadn't ridden in a while, in few da-, wee-, mo-, okay- in about a year really. After calling Terminex to rid my bike of all the cobwebs, we headed out for a bit of "ex-ree-size". I don't know what it is about Lake Hefner in OKC, but there is a perpetual vortex, perhaps a worm hole in the space time continuum?, that causes you to ride face first into the eternal wind, no matter which direction you go around the lake. What is UP with that?! You don't need a bike stand here in Oklahoma, just lean your bike against the wind- it WILL stay up. (Motorcycles too on a good day...) I felt like I was in a wind tunnel, for cryin' out loud! My hammies and quads were cussin' me out! I was huffin' and puffin'! I haven't felt the burn like that since I had natural childbirth 28 years ago!! What?! First gear, first sprocket?! Now that is just SAD!!!!!!

And the burn wasn't just in my gams either......gel seat....GEL SEAT???!!! gel seat, my hind-end!!!!! Now I do not hail from the state of Big Assachusetts, never have had that problem, thank the good Lord above. But still, I was told to get a comfy gel seat- Hear me now, people. DOES. NOT. WORK. MM-KAY? I'm just saying. I now KNOW the definition of nuuuuuuuuumb. Yes. Yes I do.

You know you really ought to give up biking when you are passed by speedy Granny Myrtle Beth from down the street.........who happens to be walking on the bike path with the help of her 4-prong cane and her sweet, hobbling, three-legged, canine companion, Chester, who is older than your varicose leg veins, that are now more prominent than ever, thanks to the over-exertion of trying to hold your sweet little aspirations up off that stupid, non-functioning rip-off of a gel seat because your tired, albeit rather tiny, behind is on "FIE-YUR!!!" and needs a break from the bicycle of terror....

Who's bright idea was that? Oh yeah, it was mine.....but you know what? We're still riding and it had gotten easier and we are getting faster- so watch out for the jet stream in our wake Granny M-B! Here we come!!! Now how 'bout that?!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open Letter To the Word Verification

Deerrr Word Verification att thu bodum uv thu komint sexun uv mi fayvert blogggirz:

Wy doo yew lerk beeloh wen wee syn awff, staen tu thu vuree lasd menet, lyk thu lefd ovir dizguzteeng bakkwarsh inna 2-yeer ols sippeee kupp?

Uhbowt thu tym wee theenk wee arr dun maykn owr phunnee komints wee ind upp tripppen ovr yew. Soh itz tym yew herrd frum uhs. Juz reed ahn, yew liddl bockz uv nooisunz.

Awww, wut's thu maddur? Caynt reed thiz leddir??? Let's try it my way.

Perhaps a different font would make it a little more interesting, hmmm?!

Let's try a little Webdings...can ya read this????

Let's try a little Webdings...can ya read this????

No??? UH-oh! TOO bad, do over!!!! Do it over I said! Well, too bad. Go away and stop annoying all of us. You are not needed here.

Really perturbed (that's p-e-r-t-u-r-b-e-d),


PS- "Word Verification" about ACTUAL's not like you would ever run out....or how about spellcheck, you oxymoron!