Thursday, July 9, 2009

OOPS!!!! Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!

Disclaimer!!! Disclaimer!!! To All Ye Who Read The Postings Herein!!!

A thousand pardons!!!! I am so sorry.................................

Ok, so I just was talkin' to Heather Cherry as we often do throughout the workday here in OKC. And I was remarking on her last post today. As we were talking, I was writing a comment on her blog and our conversation went something like this....

Me: I am SO glad you don't have one of those STOOOOOPID word verification thingies on your blog. Lord, those irritate me!

Heather: *** *** **** MOM!!! Ya big doof!

Me: What?!

Heather: Are ya kiddin' me?!


HEATHER: YOU've got one on YOURS!

Me: *** *** *** wha-??? **** are you KIDDING ME????

Heather: Yeah, ahahaha, that's what was so funny about your open letter the other da-

Me: no, no, NOOOOOO! I didn't know! I HATE THOSE THINGS!!! I don't want all both people who read my blog to be subjected to that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the inhumanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alas and alack!

Heather: Mom. Calm down. No biggie. Just go to your Settings and take it off.

Me: um-kay.

So dear sweet precious readers, those of you who are followers and you drive-bys too (FYI-it doesn't hurt to be a folllower, I promise!) ignorance is no excuse for the law. Guilty as charged! I had no idea about the dreaded "word verificay", because it did not ever come up on my screen, but now, thanks to my savvy daughter, it will no longer come up on yours! I feel like I just walked out of the LADIES room with my skirt tucked in my panty hose, AND tissue stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and nobody even told me about the spinach in my teeth. I guess y'all didn't want to embarrass me, huh? Well now, I 'ppreciate it! So IF you care to comment today, no more annoying obstacles to get in your way!

Looks like it was me who had the idgit gene today. Now how 'bout that?!


  1. Um...I didnt know we can remove, dont feel bad. I guess Im gonna go figure it out....thanks!

  2. O-O: NOW I don't feel quite so silly then! FYI- I am going through withdrawl, when ya gonna post? Hmmm??? ;)

  3. Oh...I know..lately every time she does something worthy, she stops doig it before I get my camera...and then she just looks at me with the whites of her eyes. I post on my other blog though...but you are right, I need to get with it. Soon, I promise!

  4. Hee hee, I thought you knew.

  5. the blogger captchas are at least mostly readable and sometimes they are even pretty darn funny - I think something scans their blogs and then they make up words to go with... ie - post about cancer equals "fanceri", post that mentions "mojitos" equals "doditas" - it doesn't do it everytime, but watch, I think there is something to this theory - either way, it doesn't bother me... use it if you start getting spam :)