Sunday, May 24, 2009



  1. Ouch. Some of those look like they tripped and fell from a tall building.

    Happy Mute Monday!

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmm.... I think this is a trip I'd prefer to skip. I've broken some parts, not among my favorite experiences! Happy MM/

  3. I hope these x-rays aren't yours! Happy MM and Memorial Day!

  4. Definitely a high cringe factor on this one. Always amazes me how much doctors are like car mechanics and carpenters.

    Happy Memorial MM!

  5. ooooowwwwwwwwww! I had to look quick, am sure I couldn't appreciate the broken bones - I have a weak tummy when it comes to this stuff.
    Great way to play this theme. I did something totally different.

    Happy MM and Happy Memorial Day.

  6. I like your take on this.

    I broke my arm in 5 places when I was 9 years old... I then played football the day I got it out of plaster and broke it again.

    Happy MM.

  7. To all the Vets out there- thanks for serving for me and mine.

    TY2K- All I can say is if you have a fracture, pick your orthopedist well. Just because someone is an ortho, doesn't mean they are good. Always pays to go your homework. So pick someone who subspecializes in what body part is ailing you. :)

    Fishy- Nothing defines PAIN like a broken bone, huh?

    Moi- Nope these aren't mine. Had a fractured vertebrae from a car wreeck when 15. That is a post for another day. I did trip and break my arm when I was 12. Don't care to ever repeat that. Wow, I sound pretty clumsy, so I won't tell youthink I'll just keep quiet about those 3 concussions. I guess Momma knew cheerleading just wasn't in the cards for me....yep- NOT a good idea for Rhonda June.

    Buzzkill- Some of the orthopedists I know could very well put Humpty Dumpty back together again....

    KM- on my over to check yours out right now, thanks!

  8. LOL... Im really enjoying this Mute Monday! Well Done :)

  9. Yikes! Ouch!!

    Hope these xrays ain't yores, pumpkin!

    Clever interpretation of theme.

    Happy MM

  10. Oweeeee kabowweeeee!

    Happy Mute Mondy!

  11. Bear, Howdja break it the first time? Your last name Murphy by any chance? Man! You have some major dedication, huh?!

    Cake, this was a fve topic of mine for sure.

    Aunty B, a "clever" compliment from you means so much, thanks!

    Hotfesh and Vix, those pix have pain and narcotics written all over them, huh?

  12. Nice MM pics. I couldnt come up with anything, since I didnt have any pics of someone dropping acid! So, nice job! I love bones and xrays!

  13. Ouch! long orthopedic history, here. Can barely look without wincing!

  14. O-O, Me too- Hello, Nurse. :-)

    Margo. Hope you are OK now, Friend!