Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CHICAGO, My Kind of Town!!!

OK, all you wonderful back seat travel advisors out there. Here's your chance. This Southern gal is going up north among the Yankees for a lil' trip with Big Sugar. Lawd, have muhcy! I'm thinkin' my accent will stand out just a smidgen....It is summertime and time for one of our little vacations. We are going to Chicago to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have had 32 years of wonderful wedded bliss. Believe it or not, we are still on our honeymoon! When she was a little girl, Heather Cherry used to roll her eyes and mutter an exaggerated "Eww!" when she would catch us smooching in the kitchen, but now when she is over for dinner, I think she is used to it. Or maybe just sick of it, who knows... all I know is it's pretty wonderful to be more in love today than I was 32 years ago. You know what? He tells me the same thing. I . Shall. Keep. Him.

Anyho, just wondering what tips y'all have about Chicago.... Who grills the best steaks? Who has the best deep-dish pizza pie? Where can we find the freshest mouth-watering seafood? How about the local color mom-and-pop Italian establishment that makes fresh pasta and a sauce so good you'll slap yourself? Well, where IS it??? What SHOULDN'T we miss in this great metropolis??? Places to go, food to eat, things to buy???? Come on, peeps, CHIME IN HERE.

Don't leave me hanging. We leave on Thursday!!! This is not the time for a "drive-by blead!" (That would be a quick blog read and then you are outta here. Don't be a bleader!)DISCLAIMER: We don't imbibe, so any suggestions regarding bars, pubs, dives, watering holes, pools halls, stripjoints, and/or casinos will unfortunatley go unheeded. We are going to Soldier Field for a concert and maybe to a MLB game. We are staying right downtown on the magnificent mile and are so excited about this trip. Got any pointers for us? Well, whadaya know? I don't typically ASK for advice. I'm usually the one GIVING it! Now how 'bout that?!


  1. There's a small pizza chain called "Aurelio's" that is superlative. They might DO that grotesque "deep-dish" crap too, but it's their REAL pizza that's world-renowned.

    There is (or was) a fun restaurant called "Ed Debevik's" that you might like. 50s diner kitsch taken to the extreme.

    In general, I hate Chicago and would never visit there willingly.

  2. Troll! There you go trip-trappin' over my bridge! Why so gruff today? So I take it you like thin crust. Me too, I like it all. Found the website for Ed's, WOW! looks like MY kind of place! Thanks for tips, Grumpy. Give my regards to Snow White and your other 6 pals.

  3. Glad you found Ed's. Pretty sure the servers are (or were) mostly actors training at Second City and other local theatrical troupes. Ours was.

    Some, not all, of the Aurelio's are actual Italian restaurants with killer lasagne, eye-talian beef sandwiches, etc... Some are 90% take-out/delivery pizza joints.

    I ain't grumpy, I just hate Chicago and hate that the Obamanation is becoming one huge corrupt Chicago.

    P.S. Everyone BUT me thought seeing the Second City Troupe was a good entertainment value. Don't remember if that's located near the Magnificent Mile or not.

  4. No tips here, as I have never been, but I did want to say, "have a safe and fun trip!" Eat some real Italian food for me, since I cant get it here in the dusty western desert. Olive Garden doth not count (thats about as far as it goes for us here).

  5. Are they going to let you in? Do you have a passport? A translator? I don't think you're prepared.

    Anyway, should you make it past the border, I highly recommend checking out...oh wait, I just read the disclaimer. No strip joints. Ummm....ummm...


  6. Troll Buddy: Thanks for all the great info. I reckon I will leave my "The O in Obama Stand for Orifice" shirt at home......

    O-O: Know whatcha mean, Olive Garden is NOT my cup of te- uh, pasta, by any means.

    Shawn, you never cease to slay me with your wit! THAT was some good funny! Glad you read the disclaimer. What? the Shark doesn't know how to have some good CLEAN fun??? ....tsk, tsk....